The core curatorial team behind PHANTOM WING is comprised of artists with an ongoing interest in DIY-subcultures and alternative-use venues. The ensemble includes:

Special Thanks to Brandon Dalmer, Andrew Frosst, and John Frosst, who have assisted the formation of PHANTOM WING remotely from Toronto and Hoorn (Netherlands).

Together, this ensemble has founded galleries, instigated long-term collectives, run festivals, toured art around the world, and measurably influenced the structure of independent art in Calgary. Members of the ensemble have been involved with similar pre-demolition projects, including WRECK CITY and The House Project.

As Artist-Curators, these folks differ from formal Curators in the sense that they are free not only to organize and direct spaces within the project, but also to participate as artists.

Matthew Mark

WE GATHER BY NIGHT AND ARE CONSUMED BY FIRE, a performative sculpture ceremony by Matthew Mark + Sarah Smalik


MATTHEW Mark Bourree  is a recent Graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta. While attending ACAD, Matthew participated in the exchange program with Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science in New York. Since graduating, Matthew has launched MMJT contemporary furniture with Jeremy Pavka, co-founded studio collective “The Bakery” and local art periodical “Fresh Bread” with Nate McLeod, and opened Haight Gallery, where he has curated over twenty shows and brokered art sales for emerging artists in Calgary. Matthew and his collaborative partner Sarah Malik were recently awarded a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts for a kinetic public sculpture. In 2013, he finished a residency at the Banff Center on partial scholarship and was awarded a Calgary 2012 grant to continue his ongoing endeavors with Haight Gallery.


SLIDE at WRECK CITY by Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett


CAITLIND r.c. Brown  is an artist and collaborator based in Calgary, Alberta. In 2011, Brown curated The House Project, a group installation featuring eight artists with an interest in re-appropriated, transformative, and re-imagined spaces. Based out of a small home in Calgary, at the end of the project, the house was knocked down and all the art inside demolished with it. More recently, Brown was a co-curator behind WRECK CITY, an independent exhibition inviting over 100 artists to transform nine houses, three garages, and a greenhouse slated for demolition into temporary art, installation and performance spaces. PHANTOM WING is another in the growing series of pre-demolition projects.

Brown is perhaps best known for her collaborative works with Wayne Garrett. Brown & Garrett have created three large-scale CLOUD sculptures and installations in Calgary, Moscow, and Chicago, primarily comprised of re-appropriated incandescent light bulbs. They have upcoming projects in Prague (Czech Republic), and Lexington, Kentucky. Together, they explores themes of public interaction, art in unexpected spaces, community collaboration, and play.

jennifer crighton

SWEATER PORN, an installation by Jennifer Crighton


JENNIFER Crighton is an artist, curator, musician, and sometimes cultural administrator. She has a special interest in community, especially as this relates to our sense of home, our domestic and cultural spaces, and the people we gather around ourselves for support and inspiration. For her, working in any creative field is a collective endeavor, where the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Her collaborators have often been people, but they have also been old houses, online social networks, musical instruments, drawing implements, SLR Cameras, bowling pins, balls of yarn and vintage clothing, all this because she knows that without these things her work could not exist. As a rule she will favor an artwork that conveys a feeling but stubbornly evades an explanation over the too-easy convenience of a snug conceptual fit. She has no issue with hopping between different disciplines, as she is keen to exploit the unique strengths of each.


NM MAN, paintings by Shawn Mankowske.


SHAWN Mankowske  is an emerging visual artist living in Calgary. A graduate of Alberta College of Art and Design and Ontario College of Art and Design, he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honors in 2007. Since then he has been active in the Calgary Art Scene, co-founding The 809 Gallery and the later 809 Residency. Shawn has participated in many Calgary “Do It Yourself” collectives, including Pith Gallery and Studios, the House Gallery, Haight Gallery, and The Arbour Lake Sghool. His inspiration is drawn from contemporary Popular-Culture, as well as the intricate process behind a finished artwork, in whatever form it may take. His work takes form through paintings on panel or canvas, focusing on the complex, studied processes of making an aesthetic artwork. When working for Heavy Industries in 2012, Shawn had the privilege of lending his skills as the Head On-site Painter towards the completion of Jaume Plensa’s “Wonderland” on the plaza of The Bow building in downtown Calgary. He also worked on a project for Douglas Coupland called “Infinite Tires” in South Vancouver.


19 Cavities, digital print by Natalie MacLean


Natalie Lynn Maclean is an Artist-Curator and graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. She currently resides in Calgary Alberta, where she is focusing on gallery curation, as well as the further development of her artistic practices. Natalie had first hand experience as an artist in WRECK CITY, as well as partaking in shows in Boston, Toronto, and Ohio. Her focus in art is the exploration of mixed media, and the examination of the complex relationship present between 2D and 3D artwork.

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Curators: Caitlind Brown, Matthew Bourree, Jennifer Crighton, Natalie MacLean & Shawn Mankowske