Initial Explorations

IMG_1978 IMG_1986 IMG_1992 King Edward Photo 4 - courtyard

Not long from now, it will become evident that we yearn for both challenges and space. As we begin to delve into our newest pre-demolition project, PHANTOM WING at the King Edward School (the future home of an Arts Hub & Incubator), new themes, processes, and ideologies are emerging, many of then centered around the potential of abandoned spaces. With PHANTOM WING, artists will work as poltergeists, interrupting the slow dilapidation of the 1960s wing of the building. The project hopes to function as an incubator for concepts and communities, allowing time and space for artists and collectives to work freely on large-scale installations.



The “Artist-Curators” behind PHANTOM WING share an interest in DIY exhibition space and art in unexpected places. Most of the Curators worked together previously on WRECK CITY (a pre-demolition project transforming nine houses, three garages and a greenhouse scheduled for demolition into art, installation, and performance spaces), although we’re pleased to welcome Natalie MacLean as a new addition to the group. In all, PHANTOM WING is organized by Matthew Mark Bourree, Caitlind r.c. Brown, Jennifer Crighton, Shawn Mankowske & Natalie MacLean, with satellite guidance from Brandon Dalmer, Andrew Frosst, and John Frosst. This loose collective has worked previously on project including WRECK CITY, Haight Gallery, 809 Gallery, The Arbour Lake Sghool, The House Project, and more.


Matthew Mark, Jennifer Crighton, and Shawn Mankowske after a Curator’s meeting

Working in a former school space offers about a million potential concepts and confines. While the genuine ghosts of King Edward School all live in the 1912 sandstone building, we wonder if we can’t invite a new collection of zeitghosts into this forgotten wing for one last party before the thing is torn off.

Our Call for Submissions will be open until August 26, 2013


Reid Henry (cSPACE), Jennifer Crighton, Matthew Mark, and Shawn Mankowske exploring the King Edward School

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