Monthly Archive: August, 2013


The ball is rolling, and PHANTOM WING is picking up momentum. Slowly, the space is beginning to reveal itself. What happens next? Over the past week, interested artists were invited to King Edward… Continue reading


In this blog post, we address the origins of PHANTOM WING, its relationship (and non-relationship) with WRECK CITY, and re-cap why pre-demolition spaces are so unavoidably alluring. When Deeter Schurig (the Project Manager… Continue reading

Call for Submissions

Through a series of large-scale artworks, PHANTOM WING explores the soon to be demolished 1960s wing of the historic King Edward School prior to redevelopment as a multidisciplinary arts hub. A community of 15 artists… Continue reading

Initial Explorations

Not long from now, it will become evident that we yearn for both challenges and space. As we begin to delve into our newest pre-demolition project, PHANTOM WING at the King Edward School… Continue reading